Namada – Anoma Ecosystem

Namada will offer interchain asset privacy in Q2 2023.

Namada is a PoS blockchain that will pay NAM tokens for shielding any Ethereum or Cosmos assets, like ETH or ATOM, including NFTs like ENS names.

Founding Team: Heliax

Christopher Goes
  • Author & lead of the IBC protocol
  • Early Cosmos core developer & protocol architect
  • Wyvern DEX founder (settles all OpenSea trades)
Awa Sun Yin
  • Data scientist & software engineer at Chainalysis
  • Researcher at Cosmos (Tendermint)
Adrian Brink
  • Early core developer Cosmos (Tendermint)
  • Technologist at Web3Foundation | Polkadot

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The Heliax founders were core Cosmos R&D, and Christopher Goes led IBC. Together they shipped all major Tezos upgrades.

The Heliax founders were core Cosmos R&D, and Christopher Goes led IBC. Together they shipped all major Tezos upgrades.

Namada Essentials

Namada is currently in public testnet, targeting Q2 2023 for mainnet.

The NAM token does not yet exist.

Namada token: NAM

  • Markets: Not in circulation
  • Earning: --
  • Inflation: --
  • Earning: Not in circulation
  • Slashing: --
  • Unbond Time: --
  • Rewards are staked (auto-compound & not liquid)
  • Slashing penalty is exponential (read here)

What's Exciting?

Strong privacy for your Ethereum and Cosmos assets.

Whether transferring NFTs, Ethereum ETH or ERC-20s like USDC, or Cosmos assets like ATOM or OSMOS, all assets have the same strong privacy guarantee.

When you shield your assets on Namada, you earn NAM tokens. Sign up for alerts about this and more.

Namada is the first fractal instance of Anoma, the next generation of blockchain tech. If you like Cosmos, read more about Anoma.

Knowable’s Commitment to Namada


Commitment to Namada

We’re committed to Namada and our community through the following initiatives:

Further Reading

— Web3 needs asset privacy —

Everything we do in Web3 is exposed to everyone — imagine if everyone in the world could see your credit card purchases and bank statements. Even if your address isn’t publicly known, it’s only a matter of time before all of your assets and transactions are exposed.

Namada will be a blockchain that offers interchain asset privacy, and Namada’s user-friendly interfaces will make privacy-preserving transfers more accessible.

Heliax cofounder Christopher Goes led the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, IBC; a key innovation and open standard for secure cross-chain communication. Now that we can connect many blockchains together, Namada is the first step towards a cross-chain and privacy-securing Web3.